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"When I’m not filming, I can lock myself in my house and see five movies a day."

"When I’m not filming, I can lock myself in my house and see five movies a day."

”It’s not easy for people to understand my discomfort with the spotlight, they say, ‘Why would you become an actor if you feel that way?’People don’t know what to do with those feelings, they feel you’re ungrateful, and that does kind of kill me. You can’t be saying, ‘You’re wrong about me,’ the worst thing is if you remotely sound like you’re complaining. Then you become the misconception.”




New photo outtakes of #KristenStewart and Juliette binoche

I think it's safe to say that the reason RP came back and stayed in LA after the Rover London promo was to attend the HFPA Grants Banquet on Aug.14. He seems to have gone in hiding since and is MIA now. All that's needed now is a Japan sighting and/or a fan pic, with or without KS.... Of course, if there is a Japan sighting, it'll be because he'll be visiting his friend Guy Pierce! (anticipating the squirrels' excuses!)


Lol!!! Yep cause Rob and Guy have a huge bromance going on you know!!!

The fact that Julianne, Juliette, Guy & Olivier Assayas know about/will see the baby as all co-stars/director of both RK last yr and in the hear future 🙊


New/old outtakes of Kristen [Tagged]

Love these

New Camp X-Ray Poster! (x).

New Camp X-Ray Poster! (x).

Robert Pattinson hitting his head on the mic

Eddie: “We’re British, shouldn’t we- why have they chosen us? Shouldn’t we be accepting on behalf of the BRITISH film institute?”

Rob: “Erm, Eddie, apparently when you learn a British accent to a cause it adds a little but more weight and clarity”

Robert Pattinson and Eddie Redmayne at the HFPA Grant Banquet



Rob Pattinson & Eddie Redmayne at the HFPA Grant Banquet

Lool, Rob rob…

Lol. Rob’s just rambling and then realises where the camera is